TROOV is an all-natural, plant-based, ready-to-enjoy, pre-workout drink designed to help you find your true groove over and over again—without the crash.

We created TROOV for performance. It’s that simple. We use effective dosages of ingredients specifically chosen because they make a difference when it comes to efficiency, endurance, fatigue, and performance.

Troov features fully brewed green tea and fermented beets as our base with no sugar added. Along with other plant-based ingredients, our customers say we taste like a light-flavored earthy tea.

Yes, it is still fine to consume! When Troov is produced, it is a bright red color from the fermented beets. However, overtime that color turns slightly brown. This is due to the beet pigments which are unstable and sensitive to thermal processing. During the pasteurization process of Troov, the beetroot cells start to break down and the color gradually diminishes overtime. This does not effect the efficacy or taste of the drink, but it does effect the color.

Troov features 1590mg of maca root which is not water soluble. Since our product features zero artificial ingredients or binders, it's natural for there to be some separation. Give the bottle a good shake and make sure all the sediment at the bottom has been absorbed before consuming.

We're you, that’s why we created TROOV. We were tired of other pre-workouts pretending to be something other than what they are. That’s why we made a functional beverage that’s actually full of real ingredients as close to how they’re found in nature as possible. Real vegetables, ripe fruits, natural teas. We don’t use anything synthetic and we don’t pretend to not use anything synthetic because we wouldn’t want that, either.

We formulated TROOV with clinical dosages of beets, L-Citrulline, and caffeine. We didn’t add any sugar and, while we’re low calorie, we’re also an excellent source of amino acids (so you have the energy to keep going).

We’re proudly gluten, dairy, and soy-free; vegan, no sugar added, and preservative free.

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We promise you’ll love it, but there’s a first time for everything and, if you aren’t completely satisfied, please contact us for a full refund.

We define “flow” as effortless performance in the present moment. TROOV is our short cut to consistently getting there, time and time again.

Oops! It happens. Just spray it with a stain remover, let it soak for an hour, and rinse with cold water. Wash like normal.

No, TROOV does not need to be refrigerated, but we highly recommend it because it tastes much better cold. Because we don’t use any synthetic binders, things separate so be sure to shake well before drinking.


125mg but because of our synergistic ingredients, you won’t feel a high and then a crash. This is consistent, sustained energy, released over time.

TROOV is completely nut-free, but it is made in a facility that does process nuts.

Over time, you’ll fine-tune what’s best for you, but we have found 30-45 minutes before your workout is ideal.

12oz or one bottle. We don’t like when it’s a weird 1.5 or 2.75 servings per bottle either.

It absolutely is up to the individual, but we recommend checking with your healthcare provider as tolerance and effectiveness may vary.

Especially when pregnant or breastfeeding, we always recommend checking with your healthcare provider if you’re adding something new to your diet that you’re not certain about.

We want to make sure you’re as healthy as possible so we recommend checking with your healthcare provider to make sure everything looks good.

Overall, TROOV is safe for children, but we recommend checking with your pediatrician to ensure there are no underlying health conditions or causes for concern.

60 k/cal

Lemon juice; natural strawberry, watermelon, cranberry, and guava flavors; 100% plant-derived stevia; other natural flavors.


No question, yes.


Happily so.

You know it.


We love nitric oxide! It’s a naturally produced molecule in your body that’s incredibly important to so many aspects of your health and wellness. Most importantly (and if you only remember one thing), it has a huge impact on vasodilation. That means it relaxes the inner muscles of the blood vessels, making them wider, increasing circulation.

When we zoom out, we see that nitric oxide production is crucial to overall bodily health because it allows blood, nutrients, and oxygen to freely (and efficiently) travel through every part of your body.

When your body isn’t able to readily produce nitric oxide, we see a correlation to increased heart disease, diabetes, and erectile dysfunction.

At about 40-45 years old, our bodies stop producing as much nitric oxide so it’s important to increase supplementation. We specifically created TROOV as a tool for enhancing your body’s nitric oxide pathway. Our TROOVecta blend consists of green tea, fermented beets, and L-Citrulline to synergistically help you perform your very best.

Are the nitrates in this product bad for me?

No! We get that elemental nitrates have a bad rap (and they should) but the nitrates we use are completely different. Ours are derived from nature and are crucial to optimizing your health. These nitrates give you more energy and increase your cardiovascular performance. Want to learn more about the difference? Check out this study:

Honestly, every single part of TROOV was created in consideration of the nitric oxide pathway. Our TROOVecta blend is probably where this shines the most as it consists of green tea, fermented beetroot, and L-Citrulline. These three ingredients work synergistically to give you energy (green tea), expand your blood vessels (beetroot), and supports overall efficiency and performance (L-Citrulline).

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